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Graph.Net graphing toolkit

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Graphing Components was engaged to design and develop a scientific and engineering application in 2007. We faced a problem during the development process. It was the same problem that a large number of other software developers faced: we could not find an appropriate multidimensional graphing tool to embed in that mission-critical application. The components that existed in COTS market by that time were targeted primarily to display data in the form of various types of simple charts. They did not meet the visualization requirements of that scientific and engineering application.
Moreover, those products had typical shortcomings, the most important of which were:

  • small and not extendible by user set of types of graphs and other properties;
  • significant computational costs of data processing and visualization;
  • modest interactive capabilities, small and not extendible by user set of events.

We decided to create an embeddable .Net component, free from these shortcomings.

The aims of the project

  • Creation of a component for fast visualization of data in the form of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and complex combined graphs.
  • Giving the user a broad range of capabilities allowing him to adjust and modify the functionality.

Benefits for the end users

  • User can extend the set of types of graphs as well as the sets of other properties.
  • Graph.Net provides multiple interactive features. And user can extend the set.
  • User can extend the set of events raised by Graph.Net.
  • Graphs of diverse types (surface, line on the surface, points on the line, etc.) can be displayed simultaneously within the same 3D coordinate system.
  • Behaviour of the data pipe can be overridden by user in every point along its way from data source to UI window.
  • Optimized computational costs of data processing and visualization allow user to embed Graph.Net in real-time systems.