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Dentist Assistant

  • Dentist Assistant

Operating version of the software application was developed in the late 1990s. It no longer met the needs of the client, both in performance and convenience of use. The operating software was developed on Microsoft Windows XP platform, which was no longer supported. Also it used a highly outdated database management system having insufficient performance by today's standards.

Graphing Components was engaged by the company that developed the original product in order to design and develop a new, modern version of the software product.

The aims of the project

  • Designing of multi-tier architecture in order to ensure functional extensibility and scalabilty of the new software system.
  • Migrating the data from the obsolete database management system to the modern one.
  • Organazing the modern software development infrastructure. Migrating the source code from the obsolete development tools to the modern ones.
  • Migrating of client-side code. Ensuring that the software works properly on modern Microsoft Windows 7/8 platform.
  • Migrating of server-side code. Ensuring that the software works properly under Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and higher.
  • Implementation of additional functionality of the software required by the users.

Benefits for the customer

  • Brand new flexible multi-tier architecture will ensure functional extensibility and ease of modification of the software system in the future.
    Also the new architecture provides means which will, if necessary, easily ensure Internet access to the system, including mobile devices.
  • The use of modern development tools allows to utilize all advantages of contemporary operating systems, database management systems and hardware.

Benefits for the end users

  • Effective means for management of data access security.
  • Convenient, modern and fast user interface.
  • Additional client computers can be easily connected within the local area network.
  • High performance and reliability of the system.